The purpose of this Workshop is to bring together the industrial, governmental, and academic communities that work with II-VI materials. These II-VI materials are critical in a wide range of detector technologies operating in the infrared, ultraviolet, x-ray, and gamma-ray regions of the spectrum. They include HgCdTe, ZnSe, ZnO, and CdTe, as well as other II-VI semiconductors and alloys. Spectrometers, imagers, and other sophisticated systems exploiting various properties of these materials are finding applications in many fields, including national security, homeland security, medicine, industrial process monitoring, basic science, and more. The Workshop aims at advancing the understanding of the basic physics and chemistry of these materials, and thereby contributes to the continual improvement of these system capabilities.

Areas of Interest

Areas covered include a broad range of disciplines and materials properties. Included are materials growth and characterization, materials engineering, intrinsic and extrinsic defects and dopants, surface chemistry, fabrication processes, electrical properties and modeling, charge transport, noise sources, optical properties, photorefraction, electro-optical and magneto-optical properties, as well as the interaction among all these.

Workshop Format

The Workshop program will consist of about 60 oral presentations. Invited and contributed papers with a common theme will be grouped for presentation.

To provide ample time for discussion, there are scheduled morning and afternoon breaks. Lunch will be provided, affording additional discussion time. To further promote informal discussion and interaction, the first day will conclude with a wine and cheese reception accompanied by tabletop displays from commercial vendors displaying products and services of interest to the Workshop community.

Authors of accepted papers are encouraged to submit full-length manuscripts, which will be peer reviewed and published as part of the Workshop proceedings in a Special Issue of the Journal of Electronic Materials.

Student participation is strongly encouraged. An award recognizing the best student paper will be presented at the conclusion of the Workshop. Funding exists to support travel to the Workshop. Some student financial assistance is available for conference attendees.

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2020 JEM Paper Submission Deadline Oct 19 - Dec 18
2021 II-VI Workshop Oct 25 - 28


  • Sivalingam Sivananthan
    University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Scott Johnson
    Raytheon Vision Systems
  • Daniel Lofgreen
    Raytheon Vision Systems
  Workshop Committee
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    fax: 212-460-5460
  • Paola Caicedo
    Special Issue Coordinator
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